You are in control of your healthTake the time to do something kind and healthful that has lasting effect

A massage has lasting effects on the body.   Reiki works on multiple levels of body, mind and spirit, goes to where it is needed most.

Personalized Service

​You can choose either a massage from a licensed massage therapist or a Reiki session  from a Reiki Practitioner who is ethical and honest.

Professional Licensed Massage Therapist Glastonbury, CT

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Deep Tissue Massage

How deep is our massage? As deep as your tissues can take.

Swedish Massage
Relax and let us help to de-stress and restore your tired muscles.


Quiet Settings

​When you first walk through our doors, our quiet surroundings makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease.

10AM - 6PM T-F;  11AM - 3PM Sat   +1.860 841-8474

Usui Reiki

Reiki means "life force energy".   Let us help you body, mind and spirit.



Reacquaint yourself with an old friend or discover a new favorite with our array of featured services administered by our expert Connecticut Licensed staff.

Choose the type of Services

We don't restrict you to one modality. Amenities include Swedish massage, sports massage, and deep tissue massage that integrates with reiki energy to chakra balancing.

​Massage and Reiki

The Light Within LLC

Get a 1-hour treatment

for as low as $65.