​Massage and Reiki

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The Light Within LLC

Relax. Rejuvinate.




Reacquaint yourself with an old friend or discover a new favorite with our array of featured services administered by our expert (licensed & bonded) staff.

Deep Tissue Massage

How deep is our massage? As deep as your tissues can take.

Swedish Massage
Relax and let us help to de-stress and restore your tired muscles.


Usui Reiki

Reiki means "life force energy".   Let us help you body, mind and spirit.

Get a 1-hour treatment

for as low as $65.

Quiet Settings

​When you first step through our doors, our quiet surroundings makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease.

Personalized Service

​You can choose either a massage from a licensed massage therapist or a Reiki practitioner reflecting the utmost ethical and integrity of service. 

Choose the type of Services

We don't restrict you to the classics. Under our roof, Swedish massage cohabitates quite comf​ortably with everything from reiki energy work to chakra balancing.